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and you could wage this war of one

it all fell so fast and it all fell so far.
Hello, I'm Chris. I've been on livejournal for a long time - at last count, at least five years. I used to have Michael Howard listed as an interest, which might tell you something about how much I've changed since then. I'm 22 years old, nearly 23, and I've lived all over but currently I'm in Cambridge with my fiance, Gilly. I say fiance, but I use the term very loosely since we'll probably never end up getting married. We're too lazy.

As far as fandoms are concerned, I enjoy them and will friend you if you post about them, squeal with you, and not be at all put off by your squealing, but please be aware that I don't often post about fannish things. It's just not what I do. I don't really squeal about anything these days. That said, some fandoms interest me more than others - Harry Potter (although... y'know, it's dead), the Narnia cast, Hollyoaks, and (David Tennant as) Doctor Who. I also really enjoy snooker. I know. I'm eighty. This should be where I say some of the coolest people I know are eighty, but ... sadly, it's not true. D: To go back to what I was talking about, I do like slash. I slash pretty much everyone I see with ... every other person I see. It's not a disease! I embrace it.

If you want to friend me despite (or, heaven forfend, maybe because of) all these things, go ahead! If you want to defriend me, I'm afraid I will take it rather personally. I'm a sensitive flower. I'll get over it though, so don't feel like I'm going to hack at my wrists or anything because of it.

Oh yes, and I love Mark Ronson. More than is healthy, actually. :>
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